Our FAQ,s

Do We Sell Footwear Only?

We are specialist in footwear but we also Stock Clothing Bags & Shoe Care Products

Do you Wholesale?

Yes, We Wholesale to the public you can buy any quantity as you like there is no Specific Minimum Quantity.

Do we offer Discounts?

Yes, Discounts are offered on Bulk Purchases.

Do you manufacture?

Yes, we have our own manufacturing plant That Manufactures some of our Products Locally.

Do you Deliver?

Yes, we Do Deliver we provide a country Wide Courier Service.

Are you only based in Pietermaritzburg?

Yes, there is only one Best Shoes in Pietermaritzburg.

Do you have other Branches?

Big 5. Factory Shop/ 6 Hero Plaza. Off Manchester Road Pietermaritzburg/ 033 387 4675

Destiny Footwear (Manufacturers/ 18 Failsworth Road)

Best Shoes (Head office18 Failsworth Road)

Are your Shoes Guaranteed?

Yes, all our footwear carries a 60-day guarantee for fair wear and tear.

Our Safety Shoes and School Shoes carry a 6-month guarantee on the soles only for fair wear and tear.